Putin, war on democracy, three farts for the fascist sufis, gurus, lamas…Ukraine must be collateral damage….ditto for new age movement…

If you have read this blog you catch my drift, unsaid, almost, and can join in the grim holiness of three farts for the gang…That the majority of the above are harmless idiots, be savvy….

The connections here are obscure and unspoken, so take nothing for granted here, as you know already r reading this blog…

The New Age movement is dead, but we already said that a while back, but I guess I must hope the much vaunted ‘path’ will resume after a gap in the track, if you can find your way to it. In fact, the Reformation is finding the New Age movement and it will linger in archaic rituals and then die.

The New Age movement was dead from the start, as the ‘Luthers’ here nothing of the kind, and little more than corpses doing yoga movements.

Ah, hatha yoga, how cute…watch it slide into oblivion.

None of the New Age gurus, to my knowledge produced any realized troopers, so that leaves zombies to the zombie walk. All the New Age movements are historical at best and will prove barren. and die out, if they were ever alive. But zombie ashrams have taken root, as ‘hatha yoga’ storms the planet for weight control  . The ‘Protestants’ will be a confused lot and the legacy of human consciousness and its sidekick’ spirituality’ will have to keep on trucking.



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