The site is under revision and we will use it both for its previous material, but also for a more general content,  including modern aspects, ideological issues from evolution to socialism.

One of the mysteries  of the New Age movement is its inability to embrace any sort of modern perspective or anything concerning the issues of leftist politics, social transformation, or postcapitalism.

The reason is not hard to find: the whole game was almost always a form of reactionary antimodernism, promoted by far-right figures who have seeded the new age movement with an authoritarian and antidemocratic guruism.

A good example is the immensely influential Ouspensky who produced the immensely popular In Search of the Miraculous and yet was politically almost a dinosaur, with his obsession over class domination, the atrocious Manu Code and his place, or lack of its, in the emergence of the Russian Revolution.

We may critique the Bolsheviks but we can’t evade consideration of the way the modern capitalist system generated its own opposition pointing to a socialist resolution of the emerging economic catastrophe created by capitalism.

The ancient traditions of yoga are not Hindu possessions, but a heritage of great antiquity stretching back to the Neolithic. This source tradition has nothing to do with the current generation of most demented gurus flooding the West.

We might then consider issues of historical dynamics, age periods, modernity, secularism and religion, and the place of spiritual legacies in a socialist context.

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