…accused again of being the reincarnation of p d ouspenksy…implausible deniability?? accused of being a liar… http://nemonemini.info/?s=ouspensky+reincarnation http://nemonemini.info/2015/09/30/sorry-wrong-man-am-not-rb-ouspensky-mission-impossible-cannibalize-ouspensky-mission-failed-bye-2/ http://nemonemini.info/2015/09/30/3-ouspensky-the-other-room-bournereborn-identities-a-spy-film-metaphor/ An anonymous commentator now charges me with really being the reincarnation of P.D.Ouspensky: i am denying it so that g crowd will stop trying to kill me. the wrong timing is irrelevant: disemebodied x’s can go … Continue reading /2018/09/15/accused-again-of-being-the-reincarnation-of-p-d-ouspenksy-implausible-deniability/


Ouspensky 2.0’s ‘what have I done’? Ouspensky via his In Search of the Miraculous created a virtual goldmine for all sorts of shadowy figures not the least the dead? g-entity. Although ouspensky suspected (and denounced) gurdjieff early on his work nonetheless created an incredible boondoggle in which the loyal adherents were dupes to the exploitation … Continue reading /2018/08/21/ouspenskys-what-have-i-done/