The eonic effect: world ages, new ages, axial ages, modernity

Wild Wild Country | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix – YouTube

Our point is made/emphasized by looking at the Rajneesh episode: cf. the documentary, Wild Wild Country. Never did so much money and effort go down the drain as New Age extravagance based on faulty assumptions self-destructed. The curious thing about this situation is the realization that Osho/Rajneesh was almost certainly not enlightened and faked his … Continue reading Wild Wild Country | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix – YouTube

New Age reactionary antimodernists…

The new age movement hasn't produced any real platform or any social liberals or democrats/socialists. The reason is their sources are almost always reactionary anti-modernists who don't believe in freedom, democracy, or free societies. The point is clear with Gurdjieff whose disciple Ouspensky was a rank reactionary preaching the law of caste a la the … Continue reading New Age reactionary antimodernists…

Dead gurus, saintly ghosts and other monsters of the …’bardos?’

In conventional social terms any reference to the occult is grounds for immediate dismissal and charges of 'crazy'. That gives sufi operatives a golden situation in which the victim can always be blamed while the tactics themselves are invisible, leave no trace, and can affect the unconscious of the target. What a terrible situation! There … Continue reading Dead gurus, saintly ghosts and other monsters of the …’bardos?’