Stress, epigenetics and the dangers of the gurdjieff work… The deliberate creation of stress, the creation of psychological diseases in ‘disciples’, the crippling of lifestyles and biographies with black magic, the endless occult shenanigans of the rogue sufi gurdjieff deserves to be denounced and in the light of epigenetics we must expect monstrosities in the … Continue reading /2018/05/20/stress-epigenetics-and-the-dangers-of-the-gurdjieff-work/


The end of the rajneesh/osho legacy…you can’t have buddha fields run by criminals… You cannot found a new buddhism on a foundation of the type rajneesh left. This blog has recorded a near descent into insanity trying to sort out the gurdjieff/rajneesh capers. We see now that the ‘commune’ was closer to a criminal enterprise … Continue reading /2018/04/17/the-end-of-the-rajneeshosho-legacy-you-cant-have-buddha-fields-run-by-criminals/


outside-the-limits-of-the-human-imagination-the-new-republic/ I was surprised by this dose of the original journalism from the oregonian. I was not properly aware of the extent of criminality at the core of the era of pune and later. Further, these articles make clear rajneesh’s contempt for his sannyasins and the way he exploited them economically. I was there, briefly, … Continue reading /2018/04/17/rajneesh-a-unique-new-exaggeration-of-disciple-exploitation/


There is no such thing as a ‘path to enlightenment’…the osho illusion Large ashrams promising enlightenment to large numbers of people are always fake…Rarely, working alone, lone yogies who renounce the world and, usually, tantra notwithstanding, sex have been able to reach the state falsely called ‘enlightenment’….India has fifteen million yogis, a hopeless morass of … Continue reading /2018/04/05/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-path-to-enlightenment-the-osho-illusion/