There is no such thing as a ‘path to enlightenment’…the osho illusion Large ashrams promising enlightenment to large numbers of people are always fake…Rarely, working alone, lone yogies who renounce the world and, usually, tantra notwithstanding, sex have been able to reach the state falsely called ‘enlightenment’….India has fifteen million yogis, a hopeless morass of … Continue reading /2018/04/05/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-path-to-enlightenment-the-osho-illusion/


osho sannyasis, a unit zombie cult, and osho the front for a hidden mafia…//I’m Obsessed with Ma Anand Sheela from ‘Wild Wild Country’ Even Though She Poisoned a Town – VICE The osho movement was the greatest botched opportunity in the stream of buddhist style religion and its attempted replacement. The sheer stupidity, vulgarity and … Continue reading /2018/04/05/osho-sannyasis-a-unit-zombie-cult-and-osho-the-front-for-a-hidden-mafia-im-obsessed-with-ma-anand-sheela-from-wild-wild-country-even-though-she-poisoned-a-town-vice/