Saying goodbye to sufism…(and islam, christianity…)

If we haven't made that point clear yet, wouldn't know what to say. We can see both the problem and its expose in the coming of gurdjieff (and Blavatsky to some extent. The sufi world is especially confusing and insidious. Much in that world is innocuous, but the whole realm is entirely obscure and treacherous. … Continue reading Saying goodbye to sufism…(and islam, christianity…) – The Gurdjieff Con

In fact, is that right? spiritual fascism has been endemic and lingering in the west/globally for centuries. But there was a strange resurgence or reamplification in the seventies behind the brouhaha of the new age movement... So we have wonder what we are seeing with Trump: many of his 'symptoms' are suggestively artificial creations in … Continue reading – The Gurdjieff Con