Sillykitty parts ways /2008/10/29/sillykitty-parts-ways/

Sillykitty parts ways I deleted this post from yesterday, and now I hear from sillykitty that he is parting ways, I presume, because of genuine fear of retaliation (and/or disagreements?). Too bad. Catching a black magician in the act doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, I fear SK’s cover is blown. Best of luck Sillykitty, don’t … Continue reading Sillykitty parts ways /2008/10/29/sillykitty-parts-ways/

Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover /2008/10/28/sillykitty-dont-blow-your-cover/

Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover I have to do this out in the open, but I have already endured all the voodoo they can throw at me, and survived, and they know. So they lurk in the shadows, shitting: what laughably could be called their public reputation is highly fragile. Back to your foxhole, SK. … Continue reading Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover /2008/10/28/sillykitty-dont-blow-your-cover/

Origins of sufism /2009/03/21/origins-of-sufism/

Origins of sufism Comment on Burton on Sufism James said, 21.03.09 at 8:44 am After reading through several books, I’m guessing that there aren’t any reliable historical accounts of Sufism. Apparently, its beginnings can’t be traced back any further than the late tenth century and without the doctrines that would become associated with it in … Continue reading Origins of sufism /2009/03/21/origins-of-sufism/

From Darwiniana: Shaykh, shaykh, shaykh and bake

From Darwiniana: Shaykh, shaykh, shaykh and bake An old post from 2007 from Darwiniana: SK sends me this link… the google blog search turns up interesting tidbits sometimes. check out ‘authenticity of sufi shaykhs’ re: e.j. gold Since Mr. Whitehouse has never met Mr. Gold, and has little information, we can take his remarks … Continue reading From Darwiniana: Shaykh, shaykh, shaykh and bake

SK blows his own cover /2008/10/30/sk-blows-his-own-cover/

SK blows his own cover sillykitty decides to ‘blow his own cover’. And now he’s says she/he is a girl, hmm. Actually this is better (I put the comments out front to keep them visible, and beyond accidental deletion), if the hyenas penetrate your disguise, noone will know anything that happens. Out in the open, … Continue reading SK blows his own cover /2008/10/30/sk-blows-his-own-cover/

is-ej-gold-a-sufi-hyena? From Darwiniana /2008/10/04/is-ej-gold-a-suif-hyena-from-darwiniana/

is-ej-gold-a-sufi-hyena? From Darwiniana lost link (2018) There was a long discussion series on Gold at Darwiniana (link above), in relation to sillykitty, a contributor here. This made it into Wikipedia, but then Wikipedia cleaned up on E.J. Gold, some of the material is still there in the edit pages.