SK blows his own cover /2008/10/30/sk-blows-his-own-cover/

SK blows his own cover

sillykitty decides to ‘blow his own cover’. And now he’s says she/he is a girl, hmm.

Actually this is better (I put the comments out front to keep them visible, and beyond accidental deletion), if the hyenas penetrate your disguise, noone will know anything that happens.
Out in the open, you have some environmental backup, a safety factor in public witness.
Your move.
Stick around, no? You don’t have to like/agree with me. You are the only one who knows what I am talking about, maybe.

Comments from SK
sillykitty said,
30.10.08 at 1:10 am ·
nemo, im not scared. it’s okay. i won’t ever stop. thank you again for putting up with the hysteric. you helped me see it clear. I won’t forget. and I wish you and your work all the best. your site is getting the recognition it deserves and more to come. love peace. light. freedom.

it was never anonymous anyway. lol.
do your worst. the truth will out. : )
maybe someday the gold people will come out of their foxhole. : )

okay. that’s all for now. peace.

but they won’t come out, or will they? hmn.

like maybe they will explain how the psychic invasion/ rape works. not in the books. I checked. I’ll keep waiting. the ptsd creates patience. and my comment got deleted. but i mentioned writing the book. have support and publisher. pray for me. I pray for you. okay. im gone. please forgive these so many comments. im going away now. for real. for now. promise. thank you. shill.

it’s okay. somehow part of me always knew. it helped anyway. and i am grateful. I know you cat tell the truth about it–I’m used to that. okay. that’s it. be well. samantha
sillykitty is samantha scully. 310. 477-8734. I own a used bookstore on santa monica blvd. in l. a. 90025. i’m always there come on by. or call or email me at and we can talk face to face. phew. that feels better. thank you. why was I hiding? forgive the long spiel. peace. peace. peace.

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