The buddha phenomenon and the incomprehension of darwinism/2013/05/26/the-buddha-phenomenon-and-the-incomprehension-of-darwinism/

The buddha phenomenon and the incomprehension of darwinism

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The buddha phenomenon and the incomprehension of darwinism
The evolution of consciousness is simply beyond the capacity of Darwinism and current science. Instead of acknowledging what they don’t know the attempt is made to deny the existence of complex consciousness…

The Buddha Phenomenon That close observation of historical facts might uncover some surprising indications of what is left out of Darwinism can be seen in the history of Indian religion. That Wallace was righter than he knew is obvious to any student of world religion. Man in his ordinary state is unaware of the potential of his ‘self-consciousness’, let alone able to produce a theory of its evolution. History shows the extreme antiquity of explorations of self-consciousness in the discovery of the famous cylinder seal possibly showing a meditating yogi from the period ca. -2000 (denied by some scholars) in a possible hybrid with Shiva mythology. That what we find in later Buddhism should be discovered much earlier was to be expected, and makes us suspect still earlier forms of such explorations stretching backwards into the Neolithic, or before.

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