Spiritual powers beyond the realm of the buddhas/gurus

J.G.Bennett had a sense of this, with his ‘demiurgic powers’.

My criticisms of gurus is a dangerous path, but (beside the charming Nisargadatta and behind that the neutral Maharsi) there are ‘higher powers’ beyond the buddhas who can abuse mind control with relative impunity.
I have tried to relabel this category in Enigma of the Axial Age, quid vide…https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/XML_DARW_GC_Axial/9780984702947_txt_Enigma_of_the_Axial_Age.pdf
These entities are beyond the narrow perspective of the world of Indic authority and I think they are highly dubious of what’s going on in the new age movement’s abuses and now fascism…

Unfortunately these entities are remote and see human life in a microscopic mode unless they can find intermediaries (I think some sufis have performed this task). But they are at a level where the path of enlightenment can be seen in a better perspective with a larger generalization. The grossly reactionary character of the whole new age game is exposed in such beings.
Unfortunately Bennett botched his depiction of demiurgic powers. They are not fans of Gurdjieff…I tried to change the terminology. But these entities are mysterious. You can’t communicate, pray or interact directly with them. But they beyond the Axial Age obsession of buddhists and hindus and have been a part of the tide of modernity and revolution, very radical…I have always suspected that the modern left (after the democratic revolution of the early modern, a different mode, cf. Enigma…) was jumpstarted by these demiurgic powers. Bennett clearly was driven slightly to the left btw…(not very far, however)…Check out also my Last and First Men.

In any case, the whole Kali Yuga nonsense (and the buddhist/Tibetan version) is a pack of nonsense, and evidence that buddism is sliding into oblivion…

Anyway, hear the rumor: if you move beyond buddhism and oshoism (and the hindu quicksand) there are higher powers that you just might be able to be observed possibly helped by. It is a dangerous sitauation but at least be aware of the pretentious closed world of authoritarian gurus. A whole generation of western seekers should repent of what they have created and move to repair the damage.
Meanwhile the fascist game and dummies like Trump stand to indict the whole legacy as botched beyond repair…

I think Ramana Maharsi is also highly critical of the whole game and has no investment in its future. It doesn’t have a future. Santana dharma needs a huge button reset.

Get the rumor: ‘enlightenment’ is a tinkertoy: there are powers beyond these mannequin buddhas.

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