Fighting my way out of Osho Land…making faces at the buddhas…

The whole Osho gambit has imploded and I have to simply exit the whole game. I am a modern person and I am not required to submit to black magic from the ‘claimed enlightened.’ The fascist core which Osho tries to bypass will destroy everything.
I can’t see why the Osho entity would do this. He knows he can’t beat me so destruction of a competitor?
I am not in the competition…
Maybe he does this to chase me away to create a new seed-sadhana discontinuous with santana dharma. Buddhism is a dead duck. The yogic/hindu legacy is a deader dead duck, while sufism is an x, unknown…
Many will fail to see the problem here: it is like losing control of a credit card, or having ‘identity hacked’….it won’t lead to enlightenment via ego destruction.
In any case it is an important lesson in mind control. I will revert to feral dog mode and prowl around the boundaries ready to pick off stray lambs from the ‘park’. However, I am a vegetarian, and not a hypocrite like these bloodthirsty buddhas…At least this will scare disciples…

The problem here is that a leftist group would never survive reactionary assault…

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